LANAP® Jackson Heights, NY

Dr. Fedida provides LANAP® laser treatment for advanced gum disease in Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst, NY. LANAP® is a unique laser therapy that can restore health to gums that are deteriorating due to periodontitis. For many patients who have been told that their gums are “beyond repair”, LANAP® can be a gum disease solution for saving their gums and their teeth.

What is LANAP®?

LANAP® is a laser therapy alternative to osseous surgery. Minimally invasive with maximum oral health benefits, LANAP® will address infected gum tissue and stimulate natural healing. Dr. Fedida will evaluate your oral health and the condition of your gums before recommending this procedure. Performed in our office over 2-3 visits, LANAP causes minimal discomfort and requires no suturing of gum tissue. While this procedure is generally safe and effective, some patients may experience some pain or discomfort during or after the procedure.

LANAP laser dentistry in Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst

LANAP uses the PerioLase® MVP-7 laser which is designed to target only affected tissue to minimize damage to healthy surrounding tissue. It also stimulates bone growth and the natural recovery process of regeneration. Patients who need more invasive oral surgery can enjoy improved oral health within weeks using LANAP. Benefits of LANAP include:

  • Less bleeding
  • Less swelling
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No sutures
  • Less downtime
  • Faster recovery and healing time


What types of dental conditions can my dentist address using LANAP?

LANAP, or Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is a revolutionary laser treatment for gum disease. This procedure is an effective and minimally invasive way of treating a variety of dental conditions. LANAP can address periodontal disease, gingivitis, and other inflammatory dental conditions. Our dentist can also use it to restore lost bone structure and reduce pocket depths in the gums. With this procedure, patients can experience improved oral health with minimal discomfort and fast recovery time.

Am I a candidate for LANAP?

If you are suffering from gum disease and looking for a minimally invasive treatment option, then you may be a candidate for the LANAP procedure. While most patients are good candidates for LANAP, Dr. Fedida will thoroughly examine all aspects of your oral health and discuss your medical history before recommending this as a treatment option.

Are there any risks associated with LANAP?

Like any other medical procedure, LANAP also carries certain risks. The two most common risks include:

  1. Infection. LANAP’s success is in part due to its ability to address and eliminate deep pockets of infection. However, infection can occur, especially when the patient has a compromised immune system. In order to minimize the risk of infection with LANAP, patients should avoid taking antibiotics before or after the procedure, and thoroughly clean their hands before entering the operatory.
  2. Bleeding. many people experience a small amount of bleeding from their gums during or after laser treatment. However, bleeding is temporary and it is 100% safe for them to continue going about normal activities without worrying about blood loss.

How long does the procedure take?

A LANAP treatment is typically complete in two sessions, each lasting approximately 2 hours. During this time, Dr. Fedida will use the laser to gently remove plaque and calculus from your teeth, then seal off any pockets between your teeth and gums with collagen fibers. After that, our dentist will apply a special bandage to help protect your gums as they heal. With proper care, you should experience improved oral health within weeks of having LANAP treatment.

Is LANAP more expensive than gum surgery?

No, LANAP costs about the same as traditional osseous surgery. Our office can work with you to provide complete treatment costs, maximize any dental benefits you may have, and offers financing options.