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Treating Dental Fear and Anxiety

Have you been avoiding routine dental check-ups? Dental fear or anxiety can keep many patients away from the dental chair. Over time, they can also cause patients to develop complex oral health problems.

Dental fear and anxiety are two of the most common phobias that people have. It is the fear of going to the dentist, dental procedures, or dental tools and the setting. The stress and anxiety that accompanies this phobia can be debilitating and interfere with daily functioning.

In order to treat this fear, it is important to understand what causes it. The most common cause of dental phobia is a traumatic experience in childhood such as a bad toothache or an accident at the dentist office. Other causes include genetics and experiencing pain in childhood such as having braces put on before teeth fully erupt. A person’s personality may also play a role in whether they develop this phobia because some people are more sensitive than others to pain and injury.

Fortunately, we can help you relax with dental sedation. Dr. Haim Fedida offers sedation dentistry in our Jackson Heights, NY dental office. Dental sedation is a general dental treatment that allows patients to feel comfortable and receive pain-free care.

Dental Sedation in Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst, New York

Dental Sedation in Jackson Heights, NY

Routine dental cleanings and oral exams help keep the teeth and gums healthy and intact. By ignoring your oral health because if dental anxiety, you are putting your mouth at risk. Fortunately, modern dentistry has an option to help anxious patients.

Sedation dentistry is an effective solution for patients who need a little extra help relaxing at the dental office. Sedation dentistry can allow patients who would otherwise avoid visiting the dentist to receive the dental care that they need to maintain and improve their oral health.

If you are nervous about dental procedures or routine care, please let our team know before your next appointment. Dr. Fedida will explain your sedation options and make sure that you are aware of all the risks and benefits. We will help coordinate your visit so you feel welcome and comfortable. Keep reading to learn about the different types of dental sedation that we provide.

Types of Dental Sedation

What is IV Sedation?

Intravenous sedation is a form of anesthesia that we give to patients through an intravenous line. The doctor or anesthesiologist injects sedative drugs into your bloodstream in a painless manner. IV sedation takes effect within minutes so that patients are awake but do not feel pain. It can be perfect for patients who need surgery, dental work, or any other procedure that requires them to be immobile.

The patient will remain conscious throughout the procedure but will feel relaxed and pain-free. The patient can communicate with medical staff and after the procedure they should feel well enough to go home without assistance from another person.

However, there are minimal side effects to IV sedation. The most common side effects of IV Sedation is nausea, vomiting, and itching at the injection site. Additionally, patients will not remember their procedure under intravenous sedation.

What is Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)?

Nitrous Oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that has been around as an anesthetic since the 1800s. Our dentist administers nitrous oxide to patients through a mask or tube connected to a tank of the gas. Nitrous oxide’s effects are felt within 30 seconds of inhalation and last as long as the gas is flowing through the nasal mask. The patient will not be fully conscious but will be able to respond to commands from the dentist during treatment. The patient will feel relaxed and may experience some nausea or dizziness.

Benefits of Dental Sedation

Dental sedation is an excellent way to reduce pain and anxiety for people who are anxious about going to the dentist. The use of dental sedation has been increasing in recent years. We believe that it’s important to understand the benefits of dental sedation and how it can help you feel more comfortable when visiting the dentist.

Sedation dentistry provides:

  • Pain-free dental treatment
  • Anxiety-relief for patients
  • Quick and efficient care

Dental sedation also benefits patients who:

  • Suffer from dental fear or anxiety
  • Have special needs
  • Need multiple surgery treatments
  • Have a strong gag reflex

Dental sedation is a safe way for patients to receive care in our office. We administer sedation at safe levels and constantly monitor patients during their treatment. Dr. Fedida will also review your concerns and answer any questions during your dental exam.

Do you or a loved one have dental fear or anxiety? If you have been away from the dentist, schedule an appointment at Fedida Family Dentistry and Dental Spa today. Our friendly team of dental professionals will create a custom treatment plan that includes dental sedation for you. Call 929-552-6315 or request an appointment online to schedule a visit to our East Elmhurst dental practice.