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Protect your Teeth & Smile

Do you or your child play contact sports? Receive a custom sports mouthguard at Fedida Family Dentistry and Dental Spa. Dr. Haim Fedida provides professional mouthguards to help protect the teeth and gums from injury during sports play. Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and other contact sports require mouthguards to be worn at games.

Custom Mouthguard in Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst

Custom sports mouthguards provide athletes with superior protection and comfort compared to traditional store-bought models. Crafted by dental professionals, we tailor our mouthguards to the individual athlete’s needs, offering superior protection and comfort. With this custom-fitted solution, athletes can confidently focus on their performance without worrying about their teeth.

Furthermore, sports mouthguards have  a higher compliance rate than store-bought mouthguards. This is because they are more comfortable and easier to use. When wearing professional sports mouthguards, players can easily drink and talk. Parents don’t have to worry about mouth injuries and their child’s mouthguard falling out during games.

The Benefits of Sports Mouthguards

Getting a custom sports mouthguard at the dentist is a great way to ensure that you have the best protection possible while playing your favorite sport. Custom sports mouthguards made by dental professionals:

  • Fit securely in the mouth
  • Protect against injuries due to direct blows to the face
  • Prevent chips, cracks, breaks, tooth loss and damage
  • Protects existing dental work
  • Do not slip during games
  • Make it easy to speak and communicate
  • Help make sure that teeth are in the proper position for a pain-free game day experience

Over-the-counter mouthguards do not offer a custom fit, and often do not consist of thick or durable material. In addition, store-bought mouthguards may fall out or make it difficult to speak. When you constantly have to clench your teeth to keep a mouthguard in, it can distract you from the game.

Constantly exerting jaw pressure to keep a mouthguard in place can also lead to temporomandibular joint disorders. TMJ disorders can cause painful symptoms such as teeth grinding, jaw and facial pain, and headaches. Sometimes, TMJ treatment includes a custom mouthguard that we specifically design for this disorder. To learn more about treatments for TMJ issues, see TMJ Treatment.

A Custom Mouthguard in Jackson Heights, NY

Dr. Fedida creates custom sports mouthguards in his office for both children and adult patients. Getting a custom sports mouthguard at the dentist is a simple process.

First, Dr. Fedida will assess your mouth and determine what type of mouthguard is best for you. Depending on your needs, he may take impressions of your teeth or create a 3D scan to get an accurate picture of your dental structure.

After he takes the impressions, our team will design a custom-fitted mouthguard that we tailor specifically to you. Next comes the fitting process. We will make sure that it fits securely and feels comfortable once the mouthguard is complete.

After the fitting process, we will give you instructions on how to properly care for and maintain your new sports mouthguard. Mouthguards are an effective way to prevent oral injuries and thereby avoid costly cosmetic or restorative treatments in the future.

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