How to Care for Your Dental Crown

Whenever you get any kind of dental treatment, it’s important that you take good care of your new restoration. Failure to clean or maintain your treatment could result in damage or loss. When you get a dental crown in Jackson Heights, NY, it’s important that you follow the proper care instructions from your dentist. With the right attention, crowns could last up to ten or even fifteen years before needing to be replaced. But if you aren’t careful, you could damage your crown or the tooth underneath and need even more treatment.

A new DENTAL CROWN in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY needs to be cared for properly for a long lifeline

How to Care for a Dental Crown in Jackson Heights, NY

Generally speaking, you don’t have to do too much to help keep your crown strong and healthy. As long as you brush and floss at least twice a day and practice good chewing habits, you can help reduce the chances of decay or damage. It’s also important to maintain your routine hygiene appointments with your dentist. During your exam, your dentist may be able to pick up on early signs of trouble. With proper intervention, you could avoid needing to replace or repair your crown too soon.

Brushing and Flossing

With a dental crown, it’s important to brush and floss your teeth regularly. Brushing and flossing can help remove food particles and prevent plaque buildup. When brushing, apply gentle pressure around the crown. When flossing, it’s a good idea to pull the floss through rather than up. If you pull up with floss, it could loosen the crown or even cause it to fall off.

Chewing Habits

Dental crowns are designed to be durable and withstand normal biting pressure. However, if you chew on hard surfaces, such as ice or a pen, then you could risk chipping or fracturing your crown. It’s also important, especially in the first few days, to avoid particularly gummy or chewy foods. These can stick to the crown and also cause it to loosen or fall off, especially before it’s had time to set properly.

What to Do if Your Crown Falls Out

If your crown does fall out, don’t panic. In many cases, your dentist may be able to reattach the crown without too much fuss. If you can find the crown, carefully pick it up and put it in a safe container to bring to your dentist. Unless the crown is damaged, your dentist could possibly reset the crown. If the damage is extensive, however, your dentist may need to prepare you for a new crown instead.

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