Is Cosmetic Dentistry Necessary?

Having a smile you can proudly show off is often a great source of self-confidence. But many patients are confident in their smile even if it’s not perfect. While cosmetic dentistry in Jackson Heights, NY, can help improve the appearance of your smile, it can also be restorative and preventative. If your dentist recommends a common cosmetic treatment, it may not always be with the sole interest of improving your smile line. When applied by a trained dentist, cosmetic treatment can help restore and prevent a wide variety of dental issues.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY can have restorative and preventative applications as well.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry in Jackson Heights, NY

Cosmetic dentistry is an umbrella term that refers to any treatment that can fix minor imperfections in your smile. The most common types of cosmetic treatment are porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, teeth whitening, and Invisalign. While all of these treatments can help improve the look and feel of your smile, they often have non-cosmetic benefits as well.

Preserving Natural Teeth

Damage and decay can quickly spread in your mouth. If a tooth suffers a fracture, for example, continued pressure caused by biting and talking could increase the size and depth of that fracture. If a tooth becomes damaged enough, it might even lead to gum disease and the need for an extraction. Cosmetic treatment can help protect and preserve your natural teeth in the case of minor damage. Veneers and bonding are often recommended to treat damaged teeth in your smile line.

Fixing Malocclusion

When our teeth don’t align properly, it can often lead to an uneven bite. This imbalance of tension and pressure often increases the risk of damage and decay. In cases of minor crooked teeth, treatment such as bonding or veneers can help reshape your bite, also improving the appearance of your smile. Larger cases of malocclusion, however, may need additional treatment, such as Invisalign. If your case is extensive, your dentist may recommend further orthodontic treatment with more traditional braces.

Improving Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing are crucial to help prevent plaque buildup and keep your teeth and gums healthy. But problems in our smile can make it difficult to keep up with good cleaning practices. For example, if there is a gap between your teeth, it’s more likely that food particles and other bacteria can get trapped there. And it’s often more difficult to clean with regular brushing and flossing methods. Cosmetic dentistry can help make it a little easier to keep your mouth healthy. And with a visibly improved smile, most patients tend to be more motivated to practice good at-home oral hygiene to help maintain their treatment.

If you’re unhappy with the look or feel of your smile, cosmetic dentistry can help. But at Fedida Family Dentistry & Dental Spa, we also offer cosmetic treatments to help treat damage, decay, and malocclusion. Call us today at 929-552-6315 to schedule a consultation and see if cosmetic dentistry may be right for you.