Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a portion of dental practices that uses lasers as a tool for common procedures. Over the last few decades, lasers have become more popular in dentistry due to their efficiency and comfort. While using lasers may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, they are now common tools for many dentists. Simply put, lasers are focused beams of light that can remove and reshape tissues. 

Compared to other dental tools, lasers are far less invasive. Because of this, it can shorten many procedure times, which is beneficial for both the patient and the dentist. Dentists use lasers for a variety of procedures—restorative and cosmetic. For example, your dentist may use a laser to remove the infected pulp from a cavity or reshape a gummy smile. Regardless of the procedure, there are numerous benefits to using lasers

Young woman receiving dental examination with medical laser. laser dentistry dentist in Jackson Heights New York

Reduced Infection

If your dentist uses a laser during your procedure, you are less likely to develop an infection. This is because a laser has antibacterial properties. The concentrated light from the laser kills harmful bacteria and infections. As a result, you minimize your risk of infection after your procedure.  

In fact, your dentist may use a laser to treat an infection. Lasers are common tools to fight and treat gum disease. This is partially because of the laser’s ability to destroy bacteria. Also, lasers are more efficient in removing and reshaping tissues, which is a necessary step in treating gum disease. 

Faster Healing Times

Lasers cause less damage to the tissues and surrounding areas. As a result, many patients experience faster healing times. In addition, with lasers, dentists are less likely to need to make large incisions or deeper drill holes. This is because lasers are more efficient in removing or reshaping damaged tissues. Therefore, there is less damage that patients need to recover from. 

With faster healing times, you can get back to your daily routine quicker. Additionally, faster healing times usually mean that patients feel less pain.

More Comfortable

Typically, patients report a higher level of comfort with lasers compared to traditional dental tools. In addition, because lasers are more efficient, your appointment time will likely be much shorter. Less time in the chair means a more comfortable experience for you. 

Lasers are precise instruments, which means there is a much smaller chance of damaging unnecessary tissues. In addition, some traditional tools, such as drills, create a jarring vibration throughout the jaw and face, which can cause lingering pain. However, lasers remove this issue. 

In fact, lasers are so much more efficient and comfortable that it reduces the need for sedation. 

Less Bleeding

Due to the nature of lasers, it reduces the amount of bleeding during your procedures. Lasers are made of light, which cauterizes the tissue. As your dentist opens your gums with the laser, the laser stops the bleeding. This can make your dental appointments much more pleasant. Additionally, this will reduce your appointment and recovery time.