Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

At Fedida Family Dentistry & Dental Spa, we provide restorative dental options for patients who have lost teeth due to injury, infection, or severe dental damages. It’s important to reach out to your New York dentist as soon as possible if you have lost a tooth. Missing teeth create a wide range of issues within your smile that could lead to further concerns. Learn why you should replace missing teeth below.

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Cosmetic Concerns

Missing teeth can mess up the overall uniformity of your smile and create situations where you feel like you need to hide your smile when laughing or speaking in public. Dr. Fedida wants all of his patients to experience the confidence that comes along with restoring your dental health. Additionally, if you’ve undergone orthodontic work in the past to correct crooked teeth, missing teeth put you at risk for experiencing orthodontic relapse.

The missing teeth create unintended gaps in your smile, leaving room for your other teeth to shift into its place. The longer your missing teeth go untreated, the more room that your teeth have to shift around, and the more likely it is that you will experience orthodontic relapse.

Oral Hygiene Concerns

If you have missing teeth, these gaps created within your smile are the perfect places for food residue to get caught in or hide behind. The teeth surrounding your missing tooth are more exposed to plaque and tartar buildup. This is why it’s said that your risk for experiencing tooth decay or gum disease goes up after you’ve experienced tooth loss.

It can be difficult to keep the impacted area clean even for patients with the most thorough at-home oral hygiene routines. We recommend that you reach out to your New York dentist as soon as possible after experiencing tooth loss to learn more about your tooth replacement options.

Functionality Concerns

Missing teeth impact the overall functionality of your smile. Your teeth are designed to work together when performing daily tasks like chewing or speaking. When you are missing teeth, this applies extra stress to your remaining teeth, putting them at risk for experiencing dental damages. Even just one missing tooth can cause a cascade of negative impacts on your overall dental health.

If you are missing one or more missing teeth in Jackson Heights, NY, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fedida to learn more about your tooth replacement options. Dr. Fedida is a leader in cosmetic and implant dentistry in the New York area.